July 2016

June 2016

October 2015

Concussion Headaches


Berkeley Martin, MD Q: What about headaches? A: Concussions may cause many different symptoms as mentioned in last month’s blog post. Typically the symptoms will resolve within a few days to weeks with appropriate physical and brain rest, and graduated activity, as directed by a physical therapist, athletic trainer or physician. Headaches are among the [...]

September 2015

How pre-screening can help youth athletes with concussions


-Richmond, VA CBS 6, Sheltering Arms, and Chesterfield Quarterback League team up to build awareness for Concussion in youth athletes!   CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- Central Virginia’s largest and oldest youth football league is working to educate parents and coaches on the prevention, diagnosis and quick treatment of concussions, one of the biggest concerns for [...]

August 2015

Sheltering Arms Baseline Testing


  Click Image to View Full Size Chesterfield Quarterback League (CQL) and Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation Centers have partnered to promote best practices related to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of concussion. Currently, CQL and Sheltering Arms are collaborating to meet the need for concussion education and management through the following proactive initiatives: Baseline Testing [...]

July 2015

WR Drills – Hand Techniques


A few drills by wide receivers at Central High School: the first few ball drills are working on their hands and concentration; then there are a few catching drills focusing on catching the ball with their hands, looking it all the way in, catching with wet hands simulating playing in the rain; then a few [...]

Quick Feet Ladder Drills


Source: (Kbandtraining.com) - A running back who approaches a defender must move laterally to make the defender miss. When an offensive lineman slides to the right or left to block a defensive end who is trying to sack the quarterback, the offensive lineman must be able to move laterally quickly and effectively. These football players [...]