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Spring Football Rules

CQL Spring 7 on 7 Football Rules

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All players must wear a mouthpiece
Shirts must be tucked into shorts and flags worn on the sides


The 7 on 7 game will be played on a 40 yard field (100 yard field split in half)
1 coach from each team is allowed on the field (The referee may remove the coach if he becomes a distraction to the game)


  • Two 20 minute halves (running clock), five minute halftime
  • 25 second play clock in between plays
  • 3 timeouts per team per game
  • 1 additional timeout per team for overtime


All possessions will start on the 40 yard line and the offensive team can achieve only one first down when they reach the 20 yard line.

The offense must have a center to snap the ball to the quarterback (under center or shotgun). Only pass plays are allowed and the quarterback only has four seconds to pass the ball.

Double passes are allowed as long as the first pass is backward and within four seconds and the second pass must be a forward pass. The first receiver on the double pass must complete a forward pass (can’t run) within the same 4 second window that the quarterback had. (ex, if the quarterback has taken 3 seconds, the first receiver only has 1 second to pass the ball).

The QB can go out for a pass if his first pass is a backwards pass. Laterals are permissible as long as a forward pass occurs first.

The center is eligible to receive a pass. A fumble is considered a dead ball. No blocking or contact allowed (ex. No blocking downfield, stiffarms).

Stationary screens downfield or on interceptions are fine, however the player screening may not improve their position. This helps prevent contact


  • Touchdown – 6 points
  • Extra point from 10 yard line – 1 point (Interception results in 1 point, 6 points if touchdown – returned to 40)
  • Extra point from 15 yard line – 2 points (Interception results in 2 points, 6 points if touchdown – returned to 40
  • Interceptions – 3 points and possession from the 30 yard line (6 points if it results in a touchdown – returned to 40)
  • Overtime – Each team has a chance to score in each overtime from the 20 yard line until a winner is declared. Max 3 overtimes.


Tackling or other contact is not allowed. The defensive player must make an effort to pull the flag of the offensive player.

A penalty will be administered and the player may be ejected at the discretion of the referee or ADC.

The defense can’t rush the QB. If the offense throws a backward pass, the defense is allowed to rush.


Offensive penalties include: false start, blocking, pass interference, unnecessary roughness and unsportsmanlike conduct. Penalties will result in a 10 yard loss and loss of down.

For penalties, the offensive team will not be pushed back any further than the 40 yard line. Any offensive penalties occurring while the ball is on the 40 yard line will just result in a loss of down.

Defensive penalties include: offsides, pass interference, unnecessary roughness and unsportsmanlike conduct. Penalties result in a 10 yard gain for the offense and an automatic first down (Exception – Offsides penalty only results in a 10 yard gain)