Be a Better Coach

Be a better coach

Football coach certifications help expand your knowledge, so you can make your team better and safer. You know how to coach. These football coach certification programs are here to help you do your job better. From flag to youth tackle to high school, USA Football certifications cover the most important health and safety issues for […]

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Are You Football Ready?

Are you football ready - CQL Football

How to Get Ready for Football Season With Workouts! Football players must undergo a workout regimen that includes various types of training: weight, speed, conditioning, agility and flexibility. These workouts keep football players in top physical shape throughout the season, increasing strength, size, stamina, speed and quickness. When performing these workouts, make sure you use […]

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Youth practice guidelines: Ensure all coaches understand the definition of ‘full contact’

Understanding Full Contact

The way football teams practice is changing. At the NFL, college and high school levels, long gone are the days of lengthy scrimmaging and heavy contact drills. Most youth programs have followed suit. Through its National Practice Guidelines for Youth Tackle Football, USA Football is further redefining what constitutes a proper youth football practice by […]

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