Are you asking yourself, is my son tough enough?

Cql Tough

Great Article I found that had me thinking after talking to a parent I’m friends with. He said, “Is my son even tough enough to play football?”.  This article will help you answer these questions. By Jackie Bledsoe Jr. – USA Football Last year, I interviewed my friend and former NFL player Rosevelt Colvin. Along with […]

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Hydration strategies for spring competition

Hydration Strategies

As warm weather approaches, football players and coaches are starting to pull out the helmets, shoulder pads, blocking shields and lesson plans for spring workouts. One key to a good football practice is proper hydration. Throughout training – including before, during and after – players and coaches both must focus on maintaining adequate hydration levels. […]

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Youth practice guidelines: Ensure all coaches understand the definition of ‘full contact’

Understanding Full Contact

The way football teams practice is changing. At the NFL, college and high school levels, long gone are the days of lengthy scrimmaging and heavy contact drills. Most youth programs have followed suit. Through its National Practice Guidelines for Youth Tackle Football, USA Football is further redefining what constitutes a proper youth football practice by […]

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National Conference: Tony Dungy on fun, fundamentals and family

Tony Dungy on fun, fundamentals and family

Tony Dungy has the rare distinction of earning a Super Bowl ring as a player and as a coach. But when Dungy thinks back on his experience with the sport, it’s his youth football coach, Richard Holmes, who had the biggest role in his life. The lessons Dungy learned from Holmes lasted a lifetime, helping […]

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Offensive Line Drill: Set and Punch

Set and punch line drill

Use the set and punch drill to teach speed and explosion in offensive linemen from stance to initial contact during pass protection. With a teammate holding a bag and offering light opposition, have your blockers shade the defenders and get into a proper three-point stance. On the coach’s command, come out of the stance and […]

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