Are you asking yourself, is my son tough enough?

Cql Tough

Great Article I found that had me thinking after talking to a parent I’m friends with. He said, “Is my son even tough enough to play football?”.  This article will help you answer these questions. By Jackie Bledsoe Jr. – USA Football Last year, I interviewed my friend and former NFL player Rosevelt Colvin. Along with […]

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Be a Better Coach

Be a better coach

Football coach certifications help expand your knowledge, so you can make your team better and safer. You know how to coach. These football coach certification programs are here to help you do your job better. From flag to youth tackle to high school, USA Football certifications cover the most important health and safety issues for […]

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8 Benefits for Kids Who Play Football

Health Benefits with Youth Football

It’s no secret that football has received its fair share of negative publicity. There has been a heavy push to inform current and prospective players about the dangers of the sport, notably head trauma. But despite the obvious injury risks, I believe football remains one of the most rewarding sports a child can play. Ask […]

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Prepare your child for practice

Prepare your child for youth football

Preparing your child to play youth football (see reference) can pay big dividends in the long run. Youth football is a rough and tumble sport in which children, if not properly supervised, trained, and equipped, can sustain serious injury. Youth football team participation can help your child develope mental and physical skills and learn teamwork […]

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Are You Football Ready?

Are you football ready - CQL Football

How to Get Ready for Football Season With Workouts! Football players must undergo a workout regimen that includes various types of training: weight, speed, conditioning, agility and flexibility. These workouts keep football players in top physical shape throughout the season, increasing strength, size, stamina, speed and quickness. When performing these workouts, make sure you use […]

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