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WR Drills – Hand Techniques

WR Drills - Hand Techniques

A few drills by wide receivers at Central High School: the first few ball drills are working on their hands and concentration; then there are a few catching drills focusing on catching the ball with their hands, looking it all the way in, catching with wet hands simulating playing in the rain.

Then a few distraction drills that work on getting their eyes and hands around quick, catching the ball in a crowd; then a few general catching drills working on hand placement from every angle.

Then a few more catching drills focusing on catching the ball with their hands using a tennis ball as well as a football; a few more distraction drills working on their concentration and focus.

A few drills working on their burst upfield after the catch; then a few cone drills working on route running with respect to lowering their hips with shoulders over their toes going into and bursting out of their break; and finally I added a fun little drill that simulates jumping the pile on a short and goal play.