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Since 1958, CQL's primary purpose was to draw youth Athletic Associations from across Chesterfield County, Powhatan County and any league approved areas into closer fellowship through the participation in a county-wide football program. CQL's purpose is to promote an organize youth football program on a basis of teamwork, fair play and sportsmanship, which are required of all players, coaches and parents at all times. CQL's purpose is to teach youngsters, through playing experience, the fundamentals of football, teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship. CQL's purpose is to take into consideration the health, welfare and ability of each individual participant.

All Saturday Games (September 23) will be POSTPONED!
Chesterfield Parks and Recreation will be closing all fields Saturday due to the impending weather.  
We WILL make up many of the scheduled Saturday games on Monday September 25 and Tuesday September 26
Some 7U Flag games will be made up on Sunday October 1 at RiverCity Sportsplex.
We will be getting the revised schedule out to everyone by end of day Saturday (tomorrow)

Monday Night Developmental Games:
All Monday Night developmental games scheduled for Sept 25 will now shift to Monday October 2.

Be Safe. Stay Dry.

Player of the Week Nomination Link below



-July 19th  CQL Meeting 7:00PM - Gates Elem. Cafeteria - All remaining Spring fees are due on this date.  10% fee if late.
-July 31st  First Day of practice (NO GAME FIELD PRACTICE UNTIL AUGUST 7TH)
-August 11th Confirmation of levels playing from each association. Send to Jerry, Michael and Richard. (There will be a $500.00 fine if a level folds after this date.)
-August 9th CQL Meeting 7pm - Gates Elem. Cafeteria
-August 15th North Playdown Players Weigh In starting at 6pm Midlothian Middle 
-August 16th South Playdown Players Weigh In starting at 6pm Ironbridge Park 
-August 24th THURSDAY Association Player Registration Binder due at CPR Training (Beulah Rec Center). Season deposit of Fall fees are Due on this date. 10% fee if late.
-August 25th  Monday Night commitment from association by level email Richard - 

New Book Turn In date:

Times and dates below are firm

North - due on Thursday August 31 - 6:30pm to 7:00pm - CTC in front of ticket Booth

South - due on Thursday August 31 - 6:30pm to 7:00pm - Ironbridge Park football field

(due to numerous emails and calls ... we are providing a friendly extension on the book turn in date ... a penalty will be handed down on associations that do not have the books turned in on Aug 31)

-September 6th CQL Meeting 7pm, Gates Elem Cafeteria
-September 6th MAKE UP Playdown Weigh In at CQL Meeting 6:00pm - Gates Elem Cafeteria
-September 8th All Game Day Rosters Due 5pm to Jerry and Michael 
-September 9th Start of Regular Season Games
-November 2,3 and 4 Flag Tournament. Locations TBA(will discuss at August meeting)
-December 9, 2023 Super Bowl Location TBA
-December 30 and 31st -  Possible All Star Tournament local - D1 Nation
-January 13th and 14th, 2024 - D1 Nation MLK Classic Divisional National Championships - Atlanta Georgia

There have been some discussions about the CQL new by-law needing DMV Child ID Card for registration.  This rule was voted in by the voting reps in April 2019 and went into effect in 2020 but we, CQL, decided to hold off because of the backlog DMV had during the pandemic. 

Now that DMV is operating as normal, it is time for the the new rule approved by all your associations, to become active.

DMV VA Child ID cards link:

This by-law was voted in because unfortunately, there has been issues with birth certificates.

The league will not hold onto the cards, as we only need a copy of the ID, which your association will handle.

If you have any additional questions please contact your association.


2022 CQL Fall 9U Minor Super Bowl Champions - Jacobs Jaguars

2022 CQL Fall 11U Junior Super Bowl Champions - Spring Run Huskies

2022 CQL Fall 13U Senior Super Bowl Champions - Dinwiddie Generals


2022 CQL Fall 9U Minor All-Star Game Champions - THE NORTH

2022 CQL Fall 11U Junior All-Star Game Champions - THE NORTH

2022 CQL Fall 13U All-Star Game Champions - THE SOUTH


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Chesterfield Quarterback League

CQL is a football league within Chesterfield County designed for the youth of the county and beyond. There are 4 different divisions within the league (Flag, Minor, Junior, and Senior) which are seperated by age groups.

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